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Darren Anthony Lamboy

Chef de Cuisine Lamboy was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. Second oldest son of four boys and one sister, parents of Joesph and Rachel Lamboy who were born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States in the late 50's. As a kid Chef loved watching his grandmother Mercedes Mejias cook any chance he could get when the family would visit her on the weekends. He curiously watched her in the kitchen while she added different ingredients and spices to her dishes  without using any measuring tools, "its all in the taste she told him", and man did it smell incredible. Watching her was like watching Picasso paint one of his master pieces without missing a stroke. He also watched his mom cook simple American dishes to traditional  Puerto Rican dishes. He would hang around the kitchen waiting to get a sample of  what ever she was preparing. He would then try and imitate her dishes when no one was around, but would usually burn what he was trying to create. Over time his interest for cooking came and went but deep down inside he still had the passion for cooking Puerto rican food like his grandmother. He started his culinary journey in 2015 attending Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco and graduated in May of 2017. While in school, he started planning his vision in creating his very own food truck. He said, "I want to bring back my passion for cooking and creating amazing soul food dishes that would make your taste buds salsa dance". Keep an eye out for this sleeping culinary giant. I sense the sweet aromas of his Puerto Rican cuisine along with some salsa music playing in the background and Puerto Rican flag waving proudly in a city near you. 

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